A year of getting back to some kind of “normality” after more than two years of lockdowns and other Covid / life interruptions. 

Like everyone else I’ve aged but have also taken on some traits that may be because of the “old” thing? 

I’m not going to work face to face with other musicians (for now, one can never say never as we all know what usually happens), I’m sick and tired of other musicians and their opinions, unpredictability and unreliability. 

I have a family, I don’t need another one that usually requires more “nursing” than my own children. 

I (unfortunately / fortunately) cannot stop being a musician / composer / producer, no matter how hard I’ve tried to walk away from it all over the past 12/18 months, I just can’t seem to leave it behind. 

Therefore I have to find new ways of collaborating to get work done. Face to face isn’t an option. 

The world and all its offerings and services are far more accessible now than they were 40 years ago and I feel I need to explore this and move forward in a positive manner. 

Having to reinvent one’s self isn’t new nor is it all that hard. You really need to stop seeing everything and everyone through rose colored glasses and accept that when you see a piece of shit, it is actually a piece of shit and just move on (Don’t be like Cheech and Chong!! https://youtu.be/eY7ZX6ngOSs ).