5 Track EP

Remembering 1994 - 2000

Suck This were an experimental two-piece band comprising of Vince Medina Sanna on Drums and Paul Louis Villani on Guitar and Vocals. 
The struggle to find like minded musicians led Paul and Vince to “go it alone” and use tools such as guitar synthesizers and Midi to fill the aural voids. They co-wrote many songs along the journey that last almost six years but were only in a  recording studio twice, capturing these five tracks and a few short samplers (featured here!).

They performed live as as a two piece across Australia's southern eastern states and briefly received airplay on MMM (for their track "Never Wanted). Their music can be described as ambitiously diverse, ranging from hard rock to blues, sweeping ballads to quirky funk, extravagant, brutal, passionate, ugly and beautiful!

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