From the recording Pieces of an Eclectic

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Question everything. Unless you question everything, how do you grow and learn? The world is full of under achievers just waiting to reach for heaven. Easiest thing to do is join them and do nothing and achieve nothing. Heaven (obviously a metaphor for death), is the end of life for every human, so how do you want to live?


Where do you go?
When I have nothing left.
Inside it’s droll, nothing but pettiness.
Just wait a while we might end up surprised.
Clearly evolved, now you can summarise.

Join in my song, the words will become the light.
Shining away, shining both yellow and white.
Never opposed a singular thought is clear.
I wonder out loud just why it is we’re here.

Just waiting to reach for heaven.

Why do you run faster than everyone?
And why don’t we care where in the race you’ve come?
Ashamed of it all blindly we dine tonight.
Feasting our eyes on your pain and our delight.

Join in my song, in victory we are as one.
The louder we cheer the better you seem to become.
Black is the sky, black is a place to hide.
Black becomes right.
In black we find our white.

Just waiting to reach for heaven.