Words, Music, Rhythm and Lead Guitars by Paul Louis Villani
Additional Guitars and Backing Vocals by Elle Bates
Acoustic Duo from Melbourne 2018 to 2020
"Two slices of harmonic and creative synergy, colliding in an acoustic duo. Writing music that is emotional, confronting and honest."


I’m climbing a staircase
To the top of my loneliness.
With each step I betray
This painful distance.
Love can conquer a mountain
A height from which to fall.
Into the arms of helplessness
Only your name I call.

I feel like an endless night waiting for my sunrise.
So, this is what it’s like to miss this angel of mine.

Just send me off in a package.
Address me to your door.
Put it all down in an email.
Won’t bring your touch to my soul.

I’m at peace with disappointment
It’s found a place in my home.
I’m accustomed to second place
Through no fault of my own.
….And what about my feelings?
They’ve got a right to show.
‘Cause I’m wondering if there’s space here.
For what we have to grow.