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If I do that, will you feel like a whore?
If I do that, are you going to want more?
If I do that, do I gain higher place?
If I do that, what’s the after taste?

If you want some, you've got to ask please.
If you want some, you got to have needs.
If you want some, tell me, what is my name?
If you want some, some more of the same?

If I touch this, would you get all confused?
If I touch this, would it light the little fuse?
If I touch this, only in the right place.
If I touch this, put a smile on your face?

If I did that once, do I have to do it again?
If I did that once, would twice make amends?
If I did that once, I can admit I was mistaken.
If I did that once, for a fool I was taken.

If you heard that, don’t believe it’s true.
If you heard that, always look for more proof.
If you heard that, how much do you want to believe?
If you heard that, I think it’s time for me to leave.