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It's been 7 years from the day
Our eyes first met across the way
The future paved by this twist of fate
I shared my dreams you talked of space.

I would miss you if your dreams came true.
I know this means that I'm deeply in love with you.
A life together even if you landed on Mars.
Let me hold you while your head's inside the stars

Sky rocket bring her back to me
I'll miss her blonde hair and blue jeans
She'll see the stars and all the galaxies
My beautiful space girl

It's been 7 years from the day
Wedding bells did chime and they sealed our fate
Then the phone rings a message for my Jane
Your time has come, on board a mission to space

The countdowns begun and the engines are on
I told you a million times I'll miss you while you're gone.
You promised to send me smiles from light years away
With my aching heart, right here I'll stay.

It's been 7 years from the day
Countdown, blast off, you're in outer space.
I've missed your voice I've missed your face
Can't wait to hold you a long embrace.

I can see you bursting through the atmosphere
Ablaze in fire I feel you near
Deploy the chutes you fall with grace
Welcome back my love back to the human race.