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Take the bridge across the canyon
The other side beckons like a mermaid
Mrs Smith has welcoming wagon
Mr Smith is away with the hunters

Mrs Smith is in the water
Her emotions riding tidal waves

They say the bridge it is haunted
From the other side, not many have returned
The way back is stained with remorse
The way back is only for the spared

Mrs Smith is possessed by a demon
Who seeks redemption for lost yesterdays

They call the bridge, the lost man’s lure
The other side beckons like a companion
Mrs Smith is a wayward siren
Mr Smith is launching a projectile
The bridge, it is old and unsteady
The other side remains famous only in lore

Mr Smith is a messenger of God
He obeys the voices inside his head
Mrs Smith, well, she didn’t see it coming
Mr Smith has blood stained floors
Hell yeah.