Suck This were an experimental two-piece band comprising of Vince Sanna Medina on Drums and Paul Louis Villani on Guitar and Vocals.
Paul and Vince began working on music for a EP release in 1994.
The struggle to find like minded musicians led Paul and Vince to “go it alone” and use tools such as guitar synthesizers and Midi to fill the aural voids.
They wrote many tunes along the journey that last almost six years.
Only recorded twice during that time.
One of their songs was featured on a main stream radio station in Melbourne (Triple M) in the late nineties.
For a period Suck This was signed to Iguana Management in Sydney NSW.
Paul and Vince wrote prolifically and with influences being so varied, the music that was produced was hard to pigeon hole into one single genre. For Paul and Vince, it was just Rock ‘N’ Roll.


Why should the princess cry?
Why should the princess cry?
Her world is turning at a faster pace,
Her tears are marking the lines on her face.

The law has passed, the king is wise.
He wipes the tears from the princes’ eyes.
And the commoners can see the end.
His only daughter lost her only friend.

And the people of the land are questioning their loyal king.
And the people of the land are feeling sad for his next of kin.
Taking a chance on a little romance,
What is a girl supposed to do?

Why should the princess die?
Why should the princess die?
Contemplation for emotional mend,
Will she feel no pain when she is dead?

The king is mad ‘cause he knows it’s not right.
His only daughter is planning suicide.
Insanity is playing with his head.
What will he do when his daughter is dead?

Why should the princess cry?
Why should the princess cry?
I’ll come and rescue her in case she dares,
I am the knight to take away all her cares.