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A demo recorded on a Roland 8 Track Digital Recorder.
From the Album:


Satan would become an angel
Just to get his hands on you.
Jesus would cut off all his hair
Just in the hope of being on your menu.
The son of God and the evil Lord
Can't get enough of your affection
And with you being so perfect
I'll join the pursuit for your attention

I've got my hands in my pockets,
Crushing all my cigarettes.
I'm cooling all of my rockets
Cause you're as good as it gets.

Satan has become an angel
Completely possessed with unholy thoughts
He can't get enough of the way...
Of the way your body contorts.
Jesus now lives down in China
Sharing a house with his fat little friend
He would still walk across the water
If the path of the righteous led to your bed.

My hands are kept busy not to show their strain.
Cigarettes are now cigars, I'm in the middle of a chain.

Strapped to the launch pad
cause you love all the rockets
You're my countdown girl
and I've got no will to stop it.