1. Epic (2000)
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From the album:
Transitional Suburban Peoples Project


Standing on the edge of the world looking down.
I’m so far up high I cannot see the ground.
I wish I could spread my wings and take to the sky.
I’d only turn back to glance at what it was I left behind.
Everyone’s so different
we haven’t got time to waste
My minds in such a mess I cannot even concentrate.

My credibility.
Not what it used to be.
I’m a single entity.
Another face in the crowd.
No sensibility of what I see around.
Words are not enough for me.
No ideology I have found.

I think I missed my calling.
I think I missed my chance.
I closed my eyes and held my breath but to the tune I should’ve danced.
And on the way to perfection I guess I made a few mistakes.
The hardest thing in life is to realise you haven’t got what it takes.
I miss the days when i could run and hide
And I’ve learned that it’s the guilt that’s killing me, inside.