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From the album:
Transitional Suburban Peoples Project


Take me away.
I really don’t have much to say.
And I’ve learnt to accept,
Something’s in time that I might regret.

Lies are a point of view.
I guess that’s why I get to see right thru you.
I’ve cried a well, in recent nights.
In time it’ll be forgotten it’ll be just fine.

Life’s subtleties.
It’s not the common ground that I can see.
To love and to be changed.
Life’s subtleties have gotten in the way.
And I’m supposed to come and save the day.

Try, to no end of miles.
Silence sleeps, I’m falling behind.
A life is headed towards sorrow and pain.
I’ll smile for you.
And hate you just the same.
And I know why.

Would you mind if I looked just five years ahead in time, ‘cause it looks fine.
This little role we’ve played in a patience play, it means we’ve won.
And I can’t take much more of this.
I want to take the past and lay it down to rest.
Just a lifetime together that’s my guess.
And all good things should end up in happiness.