1. Before I Go

From the recording Pieces of an Eclectic

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A week in the life of someone who cannot stand being themselves can be torturous. Add into the equation someone who is trying to help but being let down time after time. The end result is separation for the sake of clarity and stability, perhaps leading to an end of unity. So be it.


Monday was a panic attack
until Tuesday came along
Wednesday was sedated
hoping that Thursday would never know
Friday having palpitations
knowing Saturday would ask it why
Sunday just confused all of existence
So it pretended to be doing fine

Can you remember a time
when everything just went to plan
only you at the center of it all
with everyone at your command

Now aspirations are diving
there's no chance of ever denying truth
And as my reins fall from your grasp
is there anything you'd like to say (do)

Before I go

Monday was a fool
always hoping that Tuesday would set it free
Wednesday was a broken bar stool
while Thursday was just therapy
Friday was complete devastation
but Saturday was fun to be
Sunday doesn't have the strength to stand
let alone to breath