1. Once Again

From the recording Pieces of an Eclectic

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Mental Health and my lack of understanding about it is challenging. At times I feel like I’m surrounded by it and I struggle to deal with others conditions and current unbalanced emotional state. I go from having complete empathy and understanding, to having no patience and complete doubt about the legitimacy of what is being experienced. This may be too honest of a statement for some to endure but it is the truth. I sometimes feel like I’m being pushed into having a mental health crisis by dealing with other peoples mental health issues. Honestly, I am so confused by this issue that I find it very confronting and hard to deal with. I’ve still got a lot to learn.


Here I am, once again, all alone
Can’t take my eyes away from my phone
I’m not shy, I can’t hide, special needs
It’s hard to rise from wounded knees
Here I am, once again, all alone
One more pill takes me back to Thunder Dome
When I rise, no one cries, I am free
I want to be inspired
And I want you to take me higher
Here I am Face down on the floor
Forgot the reasons I existed for
Middle class, second hand, I’m reprieved

Once again
I’m in need of you my friend
Once again
You are nowhere to be found
Once again
I’m alone inside my head
Hell Once again…

Here I am, once again, all alone
Ghosted by all those I’ve known
Dignified, medicate me, I thrive
Each breath I take is one you denied
Here I am, once again, on my own
You see no change but I think I’ve grown
In my mind there’s a world no-one sees
I want to be inspired
And I want you to take me my higher
Here I am, once again, on the floor
Feels like I’ve been here before
Never mind, my decline, on repeat