From the recording Pieces of an Eclectic

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It is very human to want to feel emotionally and physically connected with another human being. Love is the word we use to describe the feeling of achieving that connection. The journey to find that other human and make that connection is never predictable but when it is experienced, it is definitely worthwhile!


I pretend that I like you
I pretend that I’m just like you
And yet we are souls apart
Forever alone

I’m inclined to ignore the signs
I’m inclined to read between the lines
I’m a sermon just waiting
Just waiting to happen

The world changes everyday
As we pass each other’s way
Our eyes are not so sure
What it is we’re looking for
And I know I still desire
‘Cause love burns while I’m alive
And love was surely lost
Until love found you

I believe things are meant to be
We can’t change the biology
Just like two ends of a candle burning
The savior the pauper
The savior the pauper