1. Sacred Cow

From the recording Pieces of an Eclectic

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A song about my Father.
Dad passed in 2005 due to complications associated with Leukemia. Apart from the usual sadness and mourning that ensues such an event, it was in times of reflection during the years the followed that I found peace and a greater understanding of what an amazing human Dad was. I’ll take this moment to highlight his ever present sense of humor because if he was here and we had the chance to discuss this song, I’m sure he would breeze over the lyrical content and just ask me, “Why are you calling me a cow?”


Time on the offensive
The journey comprehensive
Somehow, you’ve made it
through the wastelands
Defy the course projected
To negativity subjected
Survive to make a stand

The object of our affection
Was never about perception
Always led without demands
You left a path to follow
A path to end our sorrows
For this we were never quite

He Hears the words that
were unsaid
The painful truths of bitter ends
A life that’s come undone
A prayer for the kingdom come
A lifetime lived according
to their plan
A simple strategy of man
Ten years from now
Behold the sacred cow

Our roles are all revolving
Your teachings
embraced evolving
I wasn’t aware of
what was to come

Time now becomes defensive
Has lost its pure objective
Sands through the hourglass expires

You battled hard,
you lost and won
You searched for light
within the setting suns
All now Just a haze
Numbered were your days
The soul that kept us all so well
Complicated by corrupted cells
Ten years from now
Behold the Sacred Cow