From the recording Pieces of an Eclectic

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The Blues. Not a genre I gravitate to very often (in writing) but it is a sound, a feel and a history I respect and am inspired by. The reason for all the extra “guitar track take 3” info is because I wanted to pay my respect to the Blues by doing the entire guitar track in one take without overdubs or edits. This way the listener could hear all the nitty-gritty nuances that go into a live-style recording of a guitar. Yes, this means that the listener gets to hear mistakes, clunky notes, poorly bent strings, pick-up switch changes etc. So, why take 3 I hear you all asking? Well, I played so poorly on Take 1 that I deleted it immediately and played a completely wrong chord about 17 seconds into Take 2, therefore, Take 3 is what you get!!


On a Saturday night
Wake up in the morning and its Wednesday
The doorbell rings
Your friend's at the front door
You're in no mood for company
So he brings five more
And you wonder if tomorrow you'll see the light
And you wonder if tomorrow will see you right

I thought I was her one and only lover
I gave her all I had to give
Then the girl ran out of love for me
"Cause she thought she belonged
In someone else's dreams
There she left me
Standing in the rain
And a sad song
Only brings back the pain

Only Angels have wings
Only Angels can fly high
Only Angels can sing that certain lullaby
Don't cry
Don't cry