From the recording Pieces of an Eclectic

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Reflecting on a life and all that has been experienced (and is nearing 50 years upon this beautiful earth), one does have many memories to recall. Not all memories are grand and not all memories are pleasant. Love yields many experiences. Those experiences are worth going through, not just for song writing purposes but to allow us to know when you’ve got something worth holding onto, forever.


Worthless anticipation
Slave to manipulation
Hung by the noose of expectation
Love is like cyanide

Sleepless existence
Anxiety is persistent
Confusion is malignant
Love is like cyanide

Scars won’t fade from severed desires
Rapture, a blessed curse
Like a moth to the fire
Welcomed in Hell is the savaged soul
Love is like cyanide

And the moments you treasure
Are taken away
No longer to see light of day
Every act of faith is betrayed
All you want
Turns to dust
Yes it does