You Lied© - Written for Devils Kiss
This is the demo version.
Recorded at Paul Louis Villani’s Home Studio.

Music by Paul Louis Villani©
Lyrics by Elle Bates©

Please keep in mind that being only a demo version, this song would have sounded quite different and so much more powerful once Amie Denman (Bass) and Darren Gough (Drums) added their own unique creative genius to the song during rehearsal and then live on stage.

This song was regularly included in the live set list.

Devils Kiss began as a five piece that at one stage included Christopher John Liggitt and Sean Watson on Bass.
Devils Kiss appeared on stage only once as a five piece.
Devils Kiss were:
* Elle Bates - Vocals
* Paul Louis Villani - Guitar
* Amie Denman - Bass
* Darren Gough - Drums