1. Little Voice

From the recording Little Voice

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Covid & Lockdowns.
Fair to say it's knocked a few of us around. It also provided some of us a chance to clean out cupboards and drawers and find cassettes and CDs of music that we had perhaps forgotten about.
This song was recorded on a Boss BR8 during the year 2000. It was meant to be included as part of my debut solo album "Transitional Suburban Peoples Project" but got pushed aside at the last minute.
At the time I thought it was to honest and transparent and "kinda" got scared of being judged for having such an opinion.
As it turns out, 21 years later, the song resonates with me more now than it did then.
This industry, the music industry, is filled with all sorts of people who do all sorts of stuff (some good people too) and when it doesn't directly affect me or my pursuits then I really don't care what humans get up to.
Unfortunately, throughout the past 36 years that I have been in and out of bands and projects, peoples habits, addictions and lack of self respect and self discipline has affected the music and the pursuit.
Some of you (not many though), years later, come back and apologize for what transpired.
That's admirable.
But you can go and get fucked.


Frown upon my and my wicked ways
Even God wonders what he created
You see I always felt like I missed out
By not succumbing to temptation
How much more successful would I have been
If I had ingested and injected
I lost a friend to a different dimension
I hope your mortgage soars, your wife gets bored and your children, they bring down your credentials

Oh yeah, I make myself sick
I’d probably got to where I wanted to be
If I hadn’t listened to every thought inside my head
That little fucking voice
Maybe I’d be dead

Maybe I’d still have a friend
Maybe I’d have been so popular
I wouldn’t have to give a shit about nothing
Just what’s flowing through my veins
It could’ve led to all this change yeah
It could’ve led to a big change
How much more successful would I have been
If I had not listened to my inner voice
I might be dead