The way I write sometimes surprises me.
This song (both English and Spanish versions) would not be considered my normal writing style.
What is normal about this track is that like many others I've written, the music came first, then i spend month listening to the music and write lyrics to the music. The chorus to this song was written about a year ago, the rest of the lyrics organically came into being throughout 2022.


We are the Champions of the World (English Version)

When we were young
In dreams we’d thrive
We’d be reaching for the stars
Side by side
Adore the team
Adore the flag
The passing of each day
Meant one day closer to our chance

We will stand tall
To beat the best of them all
Rise when others fall
Believe we’ve got what it takes

To become the champions of the world

Throughout the years we gave our all
Embraced each sacrifice with all our souls
There was no doubt we could achieve
Each and every dream of younger years

We stood tall
We beat the best of the world
We rise when others fall
Celebrate our victory and sing these words

We are the champions of the world.